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Types Of UK Door Locks

  1. Mortice Locks:
    • Mortice Deadlocks: These are commonly found on wooden doors and provide a high level of security. They require a key to lock and unlock.
    • Mortice Sashlocks: Similar to deadlocks but with an additional latch mechanism. They can be locked with a key and/or operated with a handle.
  2. Nightlatches:
    • Standard Nightlatch: Often known as Yale locks, these are surface-mounted on the inside of the door. They automatically latch when the door is closed and require a key to open from the outside.
    • Deadlocking Nightlatch: This type can be deadlocked from the outside with a key, providing extra security.
  3. Euro Cylinder Locks:
    • Euro Profile Deadlocks: Commonly used on uPVC and composite doors. They offer good security and can be locked with a key from both sides.
    • Euro Profile Sashlocks: Similar to deadlocks but with a latch mechanism, providing more functionality.
  4. Rim Locks:
    • Rim Deadlock: Surface-mounted on the inside of the door, operated by a key. They are often used in addition to other locks for extra security.
    • Rim Sashlock: Similar to rim deadlock but with a latch mechanism.
  5. Multipoint Locking Systems:
    • **Commonly found on uPVC and composite doors, these systems have multiple locking points along the door. They are engaged using a single handle or key, providing enhanced security.
  6. Digital Locks:
    • Keypad Locks: These locks require a code to unlock the door. Some may also have key or card options.
    • Smart Locks: Can be controlled and monitored remotely through a smartphone app. They often provide features like keyless entry and activity logs.
  7. Security Chains and Viewers:
    • Door Viewer (Peephole): Provides a way to see who is outside without fully opening the door.
    • Security Chain: Allows the door to be partially opened to communicate without fully exposing the interior.

When choosing a door lock, it’s essential to consider factors such as the type of door, security requirements, and personal preferences. Additionally, ensure that the locks comply with relevant British Standards for security. Speaking to Re Entry Locksmiths is your best port of call

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