Anti Snap Locks Harrogate

Since 2009 there has been a prominent rise in the use of lock snapping on euro cylinder locks, (the technique of snapping the cylinder into two by applying force onto the lock.) With the daily news being bombarded with the clear message to ensure the security of your locks against forced entry, it has been found that 27% of all burglaries across the country involved lock snapping.

With the lock industry and Police working together to solve the problem, by producing a British standard for locks, ReEntry Locksmiths offer you a high security solution to the euro cylinder lock.

The anti-snap cylinder lock, provides a worthy security solution, combining all the features of the euro cylinder lock whilst producing higher levels of security.

If you are unsure how secure the locks on your property are then contact Re-Entry Locksmiths today. Dan can offer you an inspection service, discussing with you the most effective and cost efficient way to add higher levels of security to your home or business.

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