UPVC Locks Harrogate

We offer repair, installation and maintenance for all types of uPVC locks onsite by dedicated experienced locksmiths. We advise that you repair and upgrade your uPVC cylinder locks as the older models can be broken into with nothing but a screwdriver leaving your home or business an easy target for would be burglars.

We can come to your premises and provide you with a free uPVC locks survey and give you a no obligation quote to upgrade the existing locks on your home or business.

How Does It Work?

Turning the key pulls a bolt out of the way, making access easier whereas turning the key the other way engages the multipoint locking mechanism built into the door. These multi-point locks can provide a range of complications such as the bolts shifting around in the frame, knocking the mechanism out of alignment, making the operation of the door more difficult.

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Every day we work with homeowners and business owners to provide a trusted and secure locksmith service in the area.