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Do You Need Spare Door Keys?


It makes good sense for everyone to have to have a spare door key. Whether you choose to leave them with a family member, neighbour, friend, or secure place you should always make sure you have access to a spare door key.

By having a spare set of door keys you will always have easy access to your home should you ever accidentally leave your keys at work or misplace them.

Reasons To Have Spare Door Keys

Without a set of spare keys for your property you could end up finding yourself caught off-guard especially if you lose your keys. Having a set of keys means you won’t need your lock replacing to regain access to your property.

Spare sets of keys can be left with anyone such as family members, friends, neighbours or even in a secure place. By doing this you will always have somewhere you can get hold of a key should anything ever happen to yours.

Some of the main reasons to always make sure you have a spare key include:

  • Peace of Mind – if you forget your keys or even lock them in those you will be able to get a spare from your family member or neighbour etc to let you in your house.
  • New Keys – If you have lost your keys then you can have a new key cut from a spare.
  • Save Money – You can save money by not having to get the door lock changed if you have a spare key.
  • Broken Keys – If your key breaks then you will always have a backup.
  • Quick Key Replacement – if you lose or break your door key then you can quickly replace yours with the spare and get another spare cut from that key at your convenience.
  • Reduced Damage – Keys aren’t impervious to damage, when a key becomes worn it can damage a lock. Regularly changing your keys will help to reduce the amount of damage caused to your lock

Although having a spare key can save you money on getting the locks changed when you lose keys, it is however, recommended that if you have lost your keys along with address ID or you think that your keys have been stolen then you should still get the locks changed to ensure your house remains secure and only you and those you trust have access to it.

If you need the help of a locksmith to gain entry or change the locks and provide you with new door keys and spares, then contact Re-Entry Locksmiths today – 01765 451 453

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