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Places You Should Never Hide A Door Key


There are some places that leaving a spare door key are just too dangerous. There isn’t really a “safe place” you can leave a spare key but there are some that are more dangerous than others although it may seem sensible enough to you. Find out the 5 worst places you could leave a spare door key.

Under Rocks – Although this may seem like a smart place to hide a door key it is actually quite obvious, particularly to burglars that know what they are looking for! Rocks need to sit settled down on the floor when something like a key is placed underneath it can make the rock sit to one side making it obvious something is under there.

In Flowerpots/Bushes – This will be one of the first places a potential burglar will look for a hidden door key as over the years this has been a popular spot for people to leave spares, and its quick and easy for a burglar to check!

Putting Key In Purse/Wallet – This may seem like a good idea, your key will be easily accessible when you need it and you wont lose it while your taking tings out of your pocket or bag, however, what if you loose your wallet/purse? If it falls into the wrong hands someone not only has the key to your home but also it is quite likely they will have your address from ID that is kept in your wallet/purse.

On Top Of The Door Frame – Everyday people may not consider the top of a door frame as being an obvious place to find a key however, burglars are well clued up to this. Not only is leaving a key on the door frame visible but it is also quick and easy for a burglar to grab and let themselves in unseen.

Under The Doormat – Burglars will always check under door mats for hidden keys before attempting to gain entry via other means. This hiding place has been used for many years, and unfortunately, will likely be used for many years to come. By leaving a key under an easily accessible mat right outside the front door you are practically inviting burglars in and providing them with a key!

It is never advised that you leave a spare key hidden anywhere around your property. If you need to provide someone with a key, then you should leave one with a trusted neighbour or even drop it off with the person that needs to use it.

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