External Door Locks

Choosing the right lock for your external door can be quite a daunting task as there are so many different types available in todays market. Therefore, our team at Re-Entry-Locksmiths have put together a guide on the 5 best most commonly used external door locks in the UK.

Deadbolts – Deadbolts are a heavy-duty lock that is separate from the door handle. It works in two parts, a bolt fitted into the door and the other part fits into a whole in the wall so that once lock the blot will come out of the door and into the wall. Once locked the door will not be able to be opened and it will be exceedingly difficult to force! If properly installed this is an extremely effective security measure.

Keyed Locks – If your door is not suitable for a dead lock then a keyed lock is the next best option. Keyed locks are commonly seen on uPVC doors, they often come fitted into the doors when purchased, however it is worth having the locks on uPVC doors to snap safe locks. This will prevent burglars form using the lock snapping technique to gain entry to your home making it much more safe and secure.

Electronic Locks – This type of lock is fairly new to the market and it doesn’t require the use of a traditional key. Instead, these locks require a passcode to be entered into a keypad or a key fob, some can even use a smart phone! This is a more high-tech external door lock but is becoming increasingly more common particularly on new builds.

Door Handle Locks – This is the most common type of lock for homes in the UK. This lock when used alongside a deadbolt is extremely effective.

Combination Locks – This Type of lock comes in tow types, mechanical and electronic. The mechanical lock works with a twist dial or a push button, and the electronic locks use either a password or a pin similar to a smart phone.

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We were called out to a customer that wanted to upgrade their existing locks as the old locks were not fit for purpose.

Talking over with the customer we decided to go for the 3* Sold Secure locks that are anti-snap and would serve as a deterrent to any would-be burglars in the Harrogate and Ripon areas.

As one of the premier locksmiths in the area we know a thing or two about the fitting the right locks for the right doors and can help customers understand the best locks to prevent break ins.

The Brisant Ultion 3* Sold Secure comes with a £1000 guarantee if proven that entry has been gained by lock snapping so as you can see they are pretty sure it cannot be done meaning you can relax in peace.

However, if ever a would-be burglar did gain entrance to the home, I’m not sure they would get passed this big boy anyway!

If you live in the Harrogate and Ripon areas and are looking to upgrade your locks, then why not speak to ReEntry Locksmiths today and we can provide you with a free quote for upgrades across your door locks and window locks.

Police are issuing warnings across Ripon and North Yorkshire as a rise of burglaries have recently been taking place in the area. If you are concerned about the functionality of your locks then you should definitely speak to us today to get us to come and provide you with a site survey.

Many of these burglaries are simply lock snapping or actively targeting homes with easy to break-in locks so don’t let this be you.

Here at Re Entry Locksmiths we are the premier locksmiths Ripon has to offer and have installed new locks on homes and businesses throughout the Ripon area. Not get caught out as we come in to spring and burglaries go on the rise.

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We have been busy recently on a large scale commercial locksmiths job in Harrogate for the White Hart Hotel.

Here we installed 50 x SmartAIR Handles along with Nemef locks throughout. Check out the images below from the work and if you are looking for the best commercial locksmiths in North Yorkshirethen why not speak to us for a free no obligation quote.

We install biometric security systems for hotels, banks and other office and industrial buildings to help you secure your property throughout North Yorkshire.