Door Security

Door security is crucial to any property, it provides protection from both the elements and unwanted intruders. With this in mind it really is quite shocking just how many people don’t pay attention to maintaining their front doors. This is why our team at Re-Entry Locksmiths have put together this guide to help you keep your front door well maintained and as secure as can be.

Ensure Door Is Hung Correctly – Locks work alongside the frame, so if the frame is misaligned it can put pressure on the lock causing it to eventually fail.

You can tell if a door is incorrectly hung by observing the gap between it and its frame, which should have no variance in size. If this doesn’t seem to apply for you then call out your local locksmith who will be able adjust whatever needs adjusting on site while ensuring that everything’s still working properly!

Clean Door Locks – Cleaning door locks is just as important to your home’s cleanliness and safety. Door locks can be cleaned with warm soapy water, but it is best not use chemicals because they will more often than not cause damage instead of good!

Lubrication – Lubricating your locks every 6 months is the best way to maintain them and avoid unnecessary wear. Oil-based lubricants should never be used, as they will only harm the mechanism of a lock leading it being clogged up with dirties far more quickly than if left untouched for weeks or months on end

Liquids made specifically for this purpose are called “lube oils”; these come in many different varieties depending upon where you live.

Look After Keys – Keys can be an important part of your life, so it’s wise to take care when using them. If you misuse a key and cause damage or wear-and-tear on both the lock itself as well as its corresponding key then not only will this affect how effectively they work but also pose security risks for yourself in general! Make sure that all keys are inspected prior to being used again just because accidents happen sometimes–even if nothing happened at first glance seemed wrong with these particular ones yet keep an eye out anyways since any little thing might lead up towards more serious problems later down line.

Maintain Door Handles – Door handles are important for opening and closing doors, but they can also be damaged by rough use or excessive weight. Sometimes this damage results in the handle breaking or becoming loose. Much like when using your keys, the use of a handle should be gentle and smooth to allow for the latch to have time to disengage from the catch before pushing the door to open.

Know When To Call a Locksmith – Doors should always be easy for you to operate, and there shouldn’t ever come a time where they’re met with resistance or force when opening them. If your locks aren’t working as expected, then call out our professionals – we can diagnose the issue before it becomes more serious than just needing work on some handles!

Doors needn’t create any issues while being opened by their owners; if anything seems amiss then get in touch right away so that an expert technician has every chance at fixing what’s wrong.

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Sash jammers are small and inexpensive devices that attach to a window or door, increasing its overall security level. These can be used on uPVC windows as they’re usually created from this material- once installed the handle pivots over preventing any kind of forced entry!

Sash jammers are an excellent tool to use as a secondary level of security, but they shouldn’t replace your main lock. You also need high-security multipoint locking mechanisms and cylinders meeting or exceeding current British Standards TS007 in order for this system work properly!

Sash jammers can be a cheap and effective way to protect your home from burglars. While they don’t guarantee that the burglar won’t get inside, it makes it much more difficult for them which could mean the difference between success or failure in their attempt at gaining access! Burglars like a quick and easy in and out job so if they are struggling to get into your property they will simply give up and find an easier target.

The security industry is constantly coming up with new innovative ways to combat burglars, so there will always be a need for you in your home. With all the technology and knowledge available now on how we can make our homes safer, it’s important that as homeowners stay current with these advancements by installing them when given the opportunity or risk not keeping everything safe around us!

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outdoor security

Outdoor security is an essential , it isn’t just your actual home that needs securing we also need to consider ensuring our outdoor areas are also as secure as they can be. Re-Entry Locksmiths has put together an experts guide on how to better secure the outside of your home or business.

Outdoor Security
Ensuring the security of both inside and outside of your home or business is essential to help deter potential burglars from attempting to gain entry. By implementing these simple outdoor security tips you will be able to help better protect your property, family and business.

Key Outdoor Security Improvements

· Installing a gate or high fence.
· Installation of CCTV systems.
· Use outdoor security lighting.
· Ensure you have blinds and curtains.
· Keep high value items hidden and locked away in a safe
· Get high secure locks on garages, sheds and outbuildings.
· Keep shrubs and bushes under control
· Make sure any power tools or equipment you have been using in the garden are locked away securely.

One doesn’t need to have all these security measures installed at once, for example just having a secure gate or high fence installed would make access to the property more difficult for a criminal which in turn would act as a great deterrent. Keeping up with the gardening is also key to give potential burglars less places to hide, particularly if you combine this with good security flood lighting. It’s important that any power tools that you may have been using are also locked away securely as they can be used to gain entry to your property if left out overnight.

If you would like more information on how you can better secure either the inside or outside of your property or if you would like us to do a home or business security survey then contact Re-Entry Locksmiths today on 0754 991 8899.


A burglary takes place around every 40 seconds in the UK, and with this statistic in mind it is scary just how many homeowners don’t pay enough attention to their home security measures and protecting their homes from potential burglars.

  • Most burglaries take place during the day – often when thinking about a burglary we tend to assume thieve wait for the cover of darkness at night-time. However, most burglaries actually take place during the hours of 10:00am and 3pm, this is the hours that most people are likely to be out at work, so burglars have less chance of being seen or disturbed.
  • Burglars aren’t looking for household objects – when someone breaks into your home it would be rare these days for them to take items such as TVs and stereos. Instead, burglars are looking for smaller but much more valuable items such as car keys, identity documents and bank cards that will allow them to make online transactions and take out credit. With this said it is still important to keep jewellery and other such items store away safely and out of sight.
  • Most burglars don’t carry tools – almost every burglar is an opportunist. They know exactly what to look for when targeting a property. As burglar wish to stay under the radar it isn’t common for them to carry around tools and equipment to use to break-in to a property. Instead, they will use things that they find around your property, it could be gardening tools, kids toys anything that they spot may be used to it is important that once you’ve finished in the garden all tools and equipment are stored safely away in a locked garage or shed.
  •  47% of burglaries are committed without any planning – When asked most convicted burglars said that they never planned a burglary, they were done with a quick decision when they noticed an opportunity. This is why visible home security measures such as high security locks and alarms work well at deterring burglars as they won’t see your property as an easy target and are more likely to walk past and chose a different one.
  • Someone is home when around 28% of burglaries are committed – just because someone is always home it doesn’t mean that your home is safe from intruders. In around 3 in 10 burglaries there has been someone home whilst the offence has been committed. It will help if you keep all doors and windows locked even when you’re at home as a burglar may just wait for the perfect opportunity and walk right in.

Here at Re-Entry-Locksmiths we pride ourselves on helping our customers feel safe and secure in their homes that is why we offer free home security assessments and advice, and we only install top quality high security locks.

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More often than not wooden door locks come pre-fitted with mortice locks, these are key operated, bolt locks, the brand and size of your lock will depend on what the manufacturers preference was. Not all locks that come fitted with wooden doors will meet the current BS3621 standard, especially if your door is an older door. If you wish to check if your lock meets BS3621  then you need to look for the kite mark, this will be displayed on the face plate of the lock. If you find the BS3621 mark then your lock meets the current minimum security requirements and you will be covered by your insurer if you have a break-in. However, if your lock doesn’t display the BS3621 mark then it should be a priority to call out your local locksmith to have the upgraded, if you don’t get the locks upgraded, then you could find that your insurance policy is invalid and if you need to make a claim after a break-in your insurer wont pay out.

Why Change A Mortice Lock?

There are plenty of reasons why you would need to replace or upgrade your mortice lock, a few are listed below:

  • Your locks don’t meet current BS3621 Standards.
  • You have recently moved home and need the locks changing to ensure that you and your family are the only ones with a copy of the key to your property.
  • Your lock is faulty, damaged or been tampered with. This could involve a simple repair or a completely new lock, a locksmith will be able to diagnose the issues you are having and advise on the best course of action.

Rim Cylinders

Rim cylinders are more commonly known as Yale locks, this type of lock is often used alongside a mortice lock on a wooden door. This type of lock will automatically lock when the door is shut behind you. This is great for home security however if you have left your keys in the house it can leave you in a sticky situation! Luckily a quick call to your local locksmith will see you back in your property in no time!

If your wooden door only has a rim cylinder installed then it would be advised that you have a BS3621 mortice lock installed to work alongside it, this will vastly improve the overall security of your door.

The reasons you would have a rim cylinder lock change dare much the same as those for changing a mortice lock, it is damaged, you have moved home or it doesn’t meet current BS3621 security requirements.

If you need to know more about locks and security for your wooden door or need to have the locks changed then contact Re-Entry-Locksmiths today – 01765 451 453


It is always a good idea to take a look at your home security measures and see if there is any room for improvement. You can make small improvements over time or do them all in one go. There are the obvious security measures you can take such as upgrading window and door locks and there are some not so obvious measures that you may not have considered. Below you will find some of the best home security measures you can implement at your home in order to increase the overall level of security you have.

Home Security Cameras – Home security cameras are an effective security measure and they have quite a few perks. Not only do they act as a deterrent, but should a burglar not be put off by them they can aid in catching the burglar and provide evidence to the police, it can also help to identify weak spots in your security measures that the burglar has taken advantage of to future prevention methods can be put in place as well as providing 24/7 footage of your property both inside and out.

Burglar Deterrents – There are so many things that you can use to deter burglars away from your property. CCTV signs, real or dummy alarms, neighbourhood watch stickers and many more similar things. Other good deterrents include, using light timers so lights are on when you’re not at home, motion sensor outdoor lights, use blinds on your windows for extra privacy so burglars can’t see in and finally having high security locks installed. If a lock is not quick and easy for a burglar to bypass it will definitely make them think twice about targeting your property.

Monitored Alarms – These are the best kind of alarm systems that you can get installed. They will notify the police if there is a break-in even if you are not home. Once triggered the alarm sounds instantly and a monitoring centre will verify the break-in and dispatch the police to your property. This way there is a good chance the burglar will be caught in the act.

Driveway Gates – Outdoor security is just as important as that in and around your home. By having gates installed at the bottom of your driveway you are putting yet another barrier for a burglar to overcome before they even get near your property. There are so many different driveway gates available you can be sure to find one that suits both your needs and budget.

Door Chains – This is a simple and effective security measure, it can only be used when you are at home, it allows you to answer the door without fully opening the door so that a burglar would not be able to force their way in. These work particularly well for the elderly and vulnerable.

Security Bars – These are a very effective home security method; they have been designed to withstand significant force to help prevent doors being kicked down. These are also particularly effective on garage and shed doors.

If you need more home security advice or would like help implementing and of the home security measures mentioned above, then contact Re-Entry-Locksmiths today – 01765 451 453

Letterbox Burglary

Everyone knows that it is vital to have good security measures implemented to your front door in order to better improve home security. This is why most people call out a reliable local locksmith to come and upgrade their current locks to stronger more secure locks that either meet or exceed the current British Standard BS3621 or TS007 for uPVC doors. With this said, one vital security measure that often gets overlooked is the letterbox.

What is Letterbox Burglary?

Letterbox burglary is where a burglar uses your letterbox to either gain entry to your property or take small valuable items such as wallets and car keys. A burglar can push their hand through your letterbox and reach up to attempt to unlock the door from the inside, they also use rod like tools to hook keys and wallets and pull them out through the letterbox. Unfortunately, this is a very successful method for burglars, and it requires very little skill unlike attempting to pick or break a lock to access the valuables in your home.

Prevent Letterbox Burglary

  • Never leave your house or car keys in the other side of the door or within view of the door. This is especially important if your door has glass panels. It is always worth having a quick peek through your letterbox to see what you can see as this is also exactly what a burglar would be able to see as well. If you find that where you usually keep wallets, purses and keys is in sight of a potential burglar then it is worth moving them to a new location.
  • You can replace your current letterbox for one that has a draught excluder built into it. The rows of nylon bristles used to prevent draughts also work well at improving letterbox security as it makes it much more difficult for a burglar to look through your letterbox and see what is available to steal.
  • You can have an anti-burglar letterbox installed, this have been developed by the security industry and have been through rigorous testing to ensure that they can not be snapped or vandalised and they comply with all current security standards.
  • Letterbox restrictors can be installed, these work by only allowing the letterbox flap to open a certain amount meaning burglars hands or tools can’t fit through the letterbox.
  • You could remove your letterbox completely and have an external letterbox installed. This is quite expensive so not an option for most, however if you are looking to purchase a new door then consider getting one without a letterbox installed and instead install an external letterbox next to your door.

Unfortunately, burglars are always looking out for new ways to gain entry to people’s homes, in turn the security industry is constantly coming up with innovative new ways to combat this, so it is vital that you stay on top of your home security measures and ensure you keep them up to date with the current security standards.

If you need help with letterbox security or any other security measures, then contact Re-Entry-Locksmiths today – 01765 451 453


There are many reasons that make a lock change necessary, just a few include:

  • You may have lost your keys or worse they could have been stolen.
  • Your locks need upgrading to meet current minimum requirements set by insurers in order to keep your insurance policy valid.
  • You have recently moved house and need the locks changing to ensure you and those you trust are the only people that have a key to your new property.
  • Your current lock is faulty, damaged or old and needs replacing.

In any of these scenarios it would be most people’s priority to get a reliable local locksmith out to do a lock change or repair a broken lock, and that is the most sensible option. With this said there are some that try and save themselves a bit of money by attempting to change the lock themselves.

Unfortunately, a lock change isn’t that straight forward and a few online tutorials wont be enough to successfully change a lock and on many occasions our team at Re-Entry Locksmiths have been called out to either fix or replace a DIY lock gone wrong!

Why Use A Locksmith For A Lock Change?

So, you are at the point where you require a lock change, there are many things that need to be considered, how to remove the old lock without causing any damage? What if the new lock is a different size to the old lock? Have you chosen a suitable lock for your type of door? Dose the new lock meet the BS3621 Standard set by insurers? And the list could go on. If you have considered all of this and still want to have a go yourself just bare in mind that any mistakes you make could end up costing you more money when a locksmith has to come and repair them so that your home remains secure.

In order to effectively change a door lock you not only need the correct tools for the job but you also need the knowledge and understanding of what lock is right for your door and whether the lock you choose meets the security standard required by insurers.

There are different standards that different locks meet and different types of doors that require different locks. For example a uPVC door commonly requires a Euro Cylinder lock these locks often come with a star rating and would need to have a minimum of three stars to meet insures TS007 Standard, this can be archives using a three star lock on its own or by having a two star handle combined with a one star lock and many other variants to achieve a three star rating.

This all may seem like a lot to consider but these are all things that a locksmith will take into consideration when helping you choose the right lock for your property, by relying on the skills and expertise of a locksmith you can be sure that not only will your property be safe and secure but your locks will also meet or exceed them minimum requirement set by insurers so should you ever have to make a claim your policy will be valid.

If you need a lock change or upgrade at your home or business, then contact Re-Entry Locksmiths today – 01765 451 453

Most burglaries in the UK happen during the moths of October to January. ADT Fire & Security statistics show that more than 79% of us do not have adequate security measures in place in order to help protect our homes from intruders.

The dark nights are getting closer each day and the cover of darkness make almost every home the ideal target for a burglar. No time of the year is good when it comes to being burgled but with Christmas just around the corner this has to be one of the worst!

So, our team at Re-Entry-Locksmiths have put together a few helpful tips in order to help people better secure their homes this winter in the hope of preventing burglaries.

Security Tips

Valuables On Show – As an added security measure lots of us often have lights on timers in order to create the impression that someone is home when the property is in fact vacant. This measure does work well as a deterrent however you do have to be mindful of what you are showing off. Make sure blinds and curtains are shut in rooms in which you have the lights come on, this will help prevent a potential burglar having a clear view of what valuable you have and also the layout of your home.

Calendars – This may seem like a strange tip for a home security measure however if you have a family calendar on display this can be the perfect tool for a burglar to use to know exactly when your home will be vacant and how long for! If you do have a calendar it is worth moving it so it cannot be viewed via a window from the outside of your property.

Letterbox Fishing – Having a cage fitted on the back of your letter box you will be able to prevent thieves from being able to steel valuables such as car keys and wallets and even gain entry to your home via your letterbox.

Digital Security – If you have a digital alarm installed at your property it is important that you keep it clean, it wont be difficult for a burglar to guess the alarm code if the digits used are clearly visible!

Bathroom Awareness – From the outside of a property it is not hard to figure out which room is the bathroom as they all have frosted glass, so if a burglar sees a bathroom light on but the rest of the property is dark they will see it as a good opportunity to quickly get in and out of your home with as much as they can. So, if you are using the bathroom at night make sure you leave a couple of other lights on as an extra deterrent.

Double Locking – No matter how secure your door lock is, one lock is never enough! Burglars can easily check if a door has a dead lock installed by simply using their foot, if the door moves just a couple of millimetres then they will know you don’t have one and that access to your property will be much easier.

If you need more information on how you can better improve the security measure at your home to help prevent burglaries or you would like to implement any security measures mentioned above then contact Re-Entry-Locksmiths today – 01765 451 453

brisant locks installed Harrogate

Lock Snapping Explained

We require snap-safe locks more and more as lock snapping is a preferred technique and a common burglary method used by burglars to gain access into our homes. A tool is used by the burglar which can snap your locking cylinder in half so that they can remove the outside of the lock and reveal the locking mechanism. From here they are then able to easily gain access to your property.

Research and police crime statistics show that there has been an increase in lock snapping burglaries in recent times. Burglars have exploited a weakness in the cylinder locks which were often fitted to uPVC doors. It has been estimated that about 27% of home burglaries have been a result of snapping the lock. Although lock snapping is on the increase and is a threat to our security and possessions, there is no need to worry as there is a solution. Your locksmith can upgrade your existing lock system to a snap-safe lock which will prevent lock-snapping of your locks and security breaches of your property.

It is recommended that a snap-safe lock is fitted to your door to prevent a burglary in your home and your locksmith can explain the different types of snap-safe locks available and discuss which lock you would need for added security.

Install Snap-safe Locks For Security

Snap-safe locks are regarded as the safest types of locks you can have installed on your property. The police who attend house burglaries where lock cylinders have been snapped recommend having snap-safe locks fitted and many home insurance companies require you to have snap-safe locks installed on your property for your policy to be valid. It is advisable that you upgrade your lock to a snap-safe lock for added security of your home or other property. Your locksmith will recommend that you upgrade your lock cylinder to one with a kite mark 3 star standard which is purposely designed to prevent lock-snapping.

The best anti-snap locks are, Sold Secure SS312 Diamond Cylinders which are Diamond Standard Approval. Manufacturers with approved lock-snapping free cylinders are Avocet, APECS and the new Avocet ABS Mks is regarded as the UK’s most secure anti-snap euro cylinder available.

If you are not sure whether you have a snap-safe lock or not speak to your locksmith who can assess your locks and give you the right advice you need to put your mind at ease. It is important to know that you are secure and safe in your home. The only way to discover if your door lock is anti-snap is to look for anti-snap lines which can be found on the inside of your lock. If you are not sure whether your lock is snap-safe it is advisable to best to speak with the professional locksmith who can check whether your locks are anti-snap locks and are keeping you safe from the burglar.

If you are interested in having snap-safe locks installed on your home or business in Ripon, Harrogate or any of the surrounding areas then contact Re-Entry-Locksmiths today on 01765 451 453 for a no obligation quotation