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Burglary Prevention Tips

Most burglaries in the UK happen during the moths of October to January. ADT Fire & Security statistics show that more than 79% of us do not have adequate security measures in place in order to help protect our homes from intruders.

The dark nights are getting closer each day and the cover of darkness make almost every home the ideal target for a burglar. No time of the year is good when it comes to being burgled but with Christmas just around the corner this has to be one of the worst!

So, our team at Re-Entry-Locksmiths have put together a few helpful tips in order to help people better secure their homes this winter in the hope of preventing burglaries.

Security Tips

Valuables On Show – As an added security measure lots of us often have lights on timers in order to create the impression that someone is home when the property is in fact vacant. This measure does work well as a deterrent however you do have to be mindful of what you are showing off. Make sure blinds and curtains are shut in rooms in which you have the lights come on, this will help prevent a potential burglar having a clear view of what valuable you have and also the layout of your home.

Calendars – This may seem like a strange tip for a home security measure however if you have a family calendar on display this can be the perfect tool for a burglar to use to know exactly when your home will be vacant and how long for! If you do have a calendar it is worth moving it so it cannot be viewed via a window from the outside of your property.

Letterbox Fishing – Having a cage fitted on the back of your letter box you will be able to prevent thieves from being able to steel valuables such as car keys and wallets and even gain entry to your home via your letterbox.

Digital Security – If you have a digital alarm installed at your property it is important that you keep it clean, it wont be difficult for a burglar to guess the alarm code if the digits used are clearly visible!

Bathroom Awareness – From the outside of a property it is not hard to figure out which room is the bathroom as they all have frosted glass, so if a burglar sees a bathroom light on but the rest of the property is dark they will see it as a good opportunity to quickly get in and out of your home with as much as they can. So, if you are using the bathroom at night make sure you leave a couple of other lights on as an extra deterrent.

Double Locking – No matter how secure your door lock is, one lock is never enough! Burglars can easily check if a door has a dead lock installed by simply using their foot, if the door moves just a couple of millimetres then they will know you don’t have one and that access to your property will be much easier.

If you need more information on how you can better improve the security measure at your home to help prevent burglaries or you would like to implement any security measures mentioned above then contact Re-Entry-Locksmiths today – 01765 451 453

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