There are many reasons that make a lock change necessary, just a few include:

  • You may have lost your keys or worse they could have been stolen.
  • Your locks need upgrading to meet current minimum requirements set by insurers in order to keep your insurance policy valid.
  • You have recently moved house and need the locks changing to ensure you and those you trust are the only people that have a key to your new property.
  • Your current lock is faulty, damaged or old and needs replacing.

In any of these scenarios it would be most people’s priority to get a reliable local locksmith out to do a lock change or repair a broken lock, and that is the most sensible option. With this said there are some that try and save themselves a bit of money by attempting to change the lock themselves.

Unfortunately, a lock change isn’t that straight forward and a few online tutorials wont be enough to successfully change a lock and on many occasions our team at Re-Entry Locksmiths have been called out to either fix or replace a DIY lock gone wrong!

Why Use A Locksmith For A Lock Change?

So, you are at the point where you require a lock change, there are many things that need to be considered, how to remove the old lock without causing any damage? What if the new lock is a different size to the old lock? Have you chosen a suitable lock for your type of door? Dose the new lock meet the BS3621 Standard set by insurers? And the list could go on. If you have considered all of this and still want to have a go yourself just bare in mind that any mistakes you make could end up costing you more money when a locksmith has to come and repair them so that your home remains secure.

In order to effectively change a door lock you not only need the correct tools for the job but you also need the knowledge and understanding of what lock is right for your door and whether the lock you choose meets the security standard required by insurers.

There are different standards that different locks meet and different types of doors that require different locks. For example a uPVC door commonly requires a Euro Cylinder lock these locks often come with a star rating and would need to have a minimum of three stars to meet insures TS007 Standard, this can be archives using a three star lock on its own or by having a two star handle combined with a one star lock and many other variants to achieve a three star rating.

This all may seem like a lot to consider but these are all things that a locksmith will take into consideration when helping you choose the right lock for your property, by relying on the skills and expertise of a locksmith you can be sure that not only will your property be safe and secure but your locks will also meet or exceed them minimum requirement set by insurers so should you ever have to make a claim your policy will be valid.

If you need a lock change or upgrade at your home or business, then contact Re-Entry Locksmiths today – 01765 451 453

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