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About Re-Entry Locksmiths

Re-Entry Locksmiths will not charge a call out fee and aim to be with you within the hour. We are a reliable and professional team and our intention is to carry out the work quickly and professionally. We work 24 hours a day over bank holidays, weekends and other public holidays.

We provide dependable locksmith services for residential and commercial properties.  We also provide auto locksmiths services for those that have lost or misplaced their car keys. 

Re-Entry Locksmiths are equipped to deal with difficult situations, and we have the resources available to help you with any lockout situation.

Services we offer

Anti Snap Lock Installation

People have their locks changed for many different reasons. Our qualified locksmiths can provide you with the most up to date information on the different types of anti snap locks that are available.

In the last ten years, there has been a significant rise in the lock snapping technique used on euro cylinder locks.  The lock snapping technique is a favourite amongst burglars at the minute.  They use a significant amount of force onto the lock which then snaps the cylinder in two.  This is a quick and easy method and you do not have to be an expert to carry out this technique.

What are Anti Snap Locks

Anti-snap locks are high security euro lock cylinders.  These locks have been designed and tested to protect against the lock snapping method.

The anti-snap cylinder lock, provides a worthy security solution, combining all the features of the euro cylinder lock whilst producing higher levels of security.

The anti snap cylinder has a line cut into the cylinder body.  This line is known as a sacrificial snap line. When burglars apply force to lock, the cylinder will automatically snap along this line. But don’t worry as the actual mechanism stays intact so your door will remain locked.

If you are uncertain about which locks you have fitted in your home then please contact Re-Entry Locksmiths today.  We can visit your property and inspect the locks you have in place.  If they do need upgrading then we can talk to you about the most secure locks that we have available and explain how they work.

Replacement Locks and Lock upgrades

Old Locks – When locks get old or tired due to over usage then it’s only a matter of time before they break.  Or maybe they may start to become more difficult to lock and unlock.  If this starts to happen then you will need to think about the security implications this will have on your property. Re-Entry Locksmiths can change over any locks that need upgrading.   

Lost or Misplaced Keys – The most common reason for locksmith call outs are misplaced or lost keys.  Or keys snapping inside the barrel.   All these reasons are easily resolved. Our locksmiths can remove the previous barrel and replace it with a new one.   We will also provide you with a brand new set of keys for your new lock.  

Moved House – If you have recently bought a new house then the first thing you need to do is replace the locks.  You do not know how many people have got spare keys to your new property. So people you do not know can easily gain entry to your new home. Re-Entry Locksmiths can change your locks and also check the window locks to make sure that they are fitted properly.

Re-Entry Locksmiths would be happy to do a security check on your home and offer you the latest security advice available.  We can talk you through the latest locks that we supply and fit. 

Biometrics and Smart Locks.

Biometric locks – are locks that allow access based on a unique body feature of the person opening the lock. This can either mean your fingerprint or your retina. The human fingerprints are unique for every individual person. Knowing this, the biometric locks can identify and separate various users of the lock.  Biometric locks and devices can usually have fingerprint access and keypad access. If you do have both , you will input a code in the keypad and also use your fingerprint.  

Smart locks – A smart lock is a safe and simple way of gaining access to your home using your smart phone. Using your smart phone, you can lock and unlock your doors.  You can also offer other people wireless access from a key fob or a smart phone.

Some smart lock systems have cameras which allows you to see who is coming into your home or business.  Other brands of smart locks allow you send encrypted ‘virtual’ keys via email or SMS so you can allow people to enter your home when you are not there.

UPVC Repair and Maintenance

Re-Entry locksmiths specialise in the repair of UPVC and composite door locks in Harrogate and surrounding areas.

Our qualified team have years of experience in maintaining multi-point locking mechanisms on UPVC doors, composite doors and patio doors.  Not only do we maintain these type of door locks but we can also provide security lock upgrades on UPVC and composite doors.   We can also fit anti-snap locks, TS007 3 star locks which are the best in British Standard locks.

Re Entry Locksmiths also repair, maintain and upgrade window locks for Harrogate residential and commercial clients.  If your window locks are faulty or broken then we can upgrade and replace these for you.  We can do repairs for all major window manufacturers and on different styles of windows such as wood framed, aluminium or uPVC.

Emergency Locksmith

Re-Entry Locksmiths provide a 24 hour service for any emergencies in the Harrogate, Ripon and North Yorkshire area.   Our teams are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Our emergency locksmiths are here to help you unlock your doors and get you back into your home.

Auto Locksmith

Loosing your car keys can cause you a lot of stress!   Or maybe you have managed to lock your keys in the car.  Whatever the reason, Re-Entry locksmiths can assist you 24/7.  Our emergency auto locksmith services are being offered throughout Harrogate, Ripon and North Yorkshire. 

Our locksmiths can provide locks and keys for all vehicle models.  We can also re- program keys, replace car keys, or repair and replace your car locks.  We make sure that we are there within the hour to help you get back into your vehicle safely and securely.

Call Re-Entry-Locksmiths now if you need help on 07549 918899 and one of our locksmiths will be with you, within the hour.

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