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Snap-Safe Locks – Better Home Security

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Lock Snapping Explained

We require snap-safe locks more and more as lock snapping is a preferred technique and a common burglary method used by burglars to gain access into our homes. A tool is used by the burglar which can snap your locking cylinder in half so that they can remove the outside of the lock and reveal the locking mechanism. From here they are then able to easily gain access to your property.

Research and police crime statistics show that there has been an increase in lock snapping burglaries in recent times. Burglars have exploited a weakness in the cylinder locks which were often fitted to uPVC doors. It has been estimated that about 27% of home burglaries have been a result of snapping the lock. Although lock snapping is on the increase and is a threat to our security and possessions, there is no need to worry as there is a solution. Your locksmith can upgrade your existing lock system to a snap-safe lock which will prevent lock-snapping of your locks and security breaches of your property.

It is recommended that a snap-safe lock is fitted to your door to prevent a burglary in your home and your locksmith can explain the different types of snap-safe locks available and discuss which lock you would need for added security.

Install Snap-safe Locks For Security

Snap-safe locks are regarded as the safest types of locks you can have installed on your property. The police who attend house burglaries where lock cylinders have been snapped recommend having snap-safe locks fitted and many home insurance companies require you to have snap-safe locks installed on your property for your policy to be valid. It is advisable that you upgrade your lock to a snap-safe lock for added security of your home or other property. Your locksmith will recommend that you upgrade your lock cylinder to one with a kite mark 3 star standard which is purposely designed to prevent lock-snapping.

The best anti-snap locks are, Sold Secure SS312 Diamond Cylinders which are Diamond Standard Approval. Manufacturers with approved lock-snapping free cylinders are Avocet, APECS and the new Avocet ABS Mks is regarded as the UK’s most secure anti-snap euro cylinder available.

If you are not sure whether you have a snap-safe lock or not speak to your locksmith who can assess your locks and give you the right advice you need to put your mind at ease. It is important to know that you are secure and safe in your home. The only way to discover if your door lock is anti-snap is to look for anti-snap lines which can be found on the inside of your lock. If you are not sure whether your lock is snap-safe it is advisable to best to speak with the professional locksmith who can check whether your locks are anti-snap locks and are keeping you safe from the burglar.

If you are interested in having snap-safe locks installed on your home or business in Ripon, Harrogate or any of the surrounding areas then contact Re-Entry-Locksmiths today on 01765 451 453 for a no obligation quotation

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