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The last thing any business wants to discover is that they have been broken into. Damages and loss of good often come in at a high cost and there is also chance of loss of earnings with any downtime that you may experience while carrying out repairs and replacing stolen items.

This is why our team at Re-Entry-Locksmiths have decided to put together this helpful guide to help business owners improve upon their current security measures to help protect their property and business from burglars.

Risk Assessment

You should carry out a risk assessment at your business premises in order to identify and weaknesses you may have in your business security, once the weaknesses have been identified you will then be able to put a plan in place to strengthen them.

As a business owner you may already have a good idea of what measures you can put in place and how they can be improved upon however, it is always worth getting the help of a professional locksmith as there may be some security measures available that you haven’t even considered. A Professional will also be able to advise you on the best course of action and in many cases supply and fit locks, alarms and other security measures.

Here are a few handy tips that may come up on a professional risk assessment, all of these will depend entirely on the trading hours, size and location of your business.

Tips For Security Upgrades

Replace or Upgrade Locks – Any old or damaged locks will need replacing and more than likely need upgrading. Also, if your locks do not meet BS3621 or TS007 then they will definitely need upgrading not only to ensure the security of your business but also to comply with insurers minimum requirements.

Restricted Key Systems – This is a system that you as a business owner can put in place. It means that only you as the business owner will have a sole copy of the key and if any spares are needed your permission will be needed to make one. This way you will know exactly how many copies of the keys there are and who has access to them. This helps reduce chances of the keys being copied or stolen.

Window Locks – All windows should have locks installed so if the windows at your business don’t have locks then they will definitely need them installing. Dependent on the location of the windows at your business premises other security measures may be recommended to use alongside locks.

Cabinet Locks – Any cabinets that store valuables or sensitive information or medication should all have locks installed.

Technology – These days there is a vast range of high-tech security solutions readily available. They vary in price and ability so you will be able to easily find something that suits both your business security needs and budget.  A few examples include:

  • Smart locks, these locks allow you to be able to monitor when a door has been unlocked and who has unlocked it, they also have the ability to grant access from a distance.
  • HD CCTV, having CCTV in high definition is not only a huge deterrent for burglars but it also allows you to remotely monitor your business.
  • Security Alarms, these are another great deterrent for burglars, it is also worth carefully placing signs warning that the alarm is active.

If you need more information on how you can better improve the security at your business or would like help implementing any of the security measures mentioned above, then contact Re-Entry-Locksmiths01765 451 453

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