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Sash Jammers: Do They Work?

Sash jammers are small and inexpensive devices that attach to a window or door, increasing its overall security level. These can be used on uPVC windows as they’re usually created from this material- once installed the handle pivots over preventing any kind of forced entry!

Sash jammers are an excellent tool to use as a secondary level of security, but they shouldn’t replace your main lock. You also need high-security multipoint locking mechanisms and cylinders meeting or exceeding current British Standards TS007 in order for this system work properly!

Sash jammers can be a cheap and effective way to protect your home from burglars. While they don’t guarantee that the burglar won’t get inside, it makes it much more difficult for them which could mean the difference between success or failure in their attempt at gaining access! Burglars like a quick and easy in and out job so if they are struggling to get into your property they will simply give up and find an easier target.

The security industry is constantly coming up with new innovative ways to combat burglars, so there will always be a need for you in your home. With all the technology and knowledge available now on how we can make our homes safer, it’s important that as homeowners stay current with these advancements by installing them when given the opportunity or risk not keeping everything safe around us!

If you would like sash jammers installing at your home or business or would like to implement any other home security measures then contact Re-Entry Locksmiths today – 01765 451 453

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