It is always a good idea to take a look at your home security measures and see if there is any room for improvement. You can make small improvements over time or do them all in one go. There are the obvious security measures you can take such as upgrading window and door locks and there are some not so obvious measures that you may not have considered. Below you will find some of the best home security measures you can implement at your home in order to increase the overall level of security you have.

Home Security Cameras – Home security cameras are an effective security measure and they have quite a few perks. Not only do they act as a deterrent, but should a burglar not be put off by them they can aid in catching the burglar and provide evidence to the police, it can also help to identify weak spots in your security measures that the burglar has taken advantage of to future prevention methods can be put in place as well as providing 24/7 footage of your property both inside and out.

Burglar Deterrents – There are so many things that you can use to deter burglars away from your property. CCTV signs, real or dummy alarms, neighbourhood watch stickers and many more similar things. Other good deterrents include, using light timers so lights are on when you’re not at home, motion sensor outdoor lights, use blinds on your windows for extra privacy so burglars can’t see in and finally having high security locks installed. If a lock is not quick and easy for a burglar to bypass it will definitely make them think twice about targeting your property.

Monitored Alarms – These are the best kind of alarm systems that you can get installed. They will notify the police if there is a break-in even if you are not home. Once triggered the alarm sounds instantly and a monitoring centre will verify the break-in and dispatch the police to your property. This way there is a good chance the burglar will be caught in the act.

Driveway Gates – Outdoor security is just as important as that in and around your home. By having gates installed at the bottom of your driveway you are putting yet another barrier for a burglar to overcome before they even get near your property. There are so many different driveway gates available you can be sure to find one that suits both your needs and budget.

Door Chains – This is a simple and effective security measure, it can only be used when you are at home, it allows you to answer the door without fully opening the door so that a burglar would not be able to force their way in. These work particularly well for the elderly and vulnerable.

Security Bars – These are a very effective home security method; they have been designed to withstand significant force to help prevent doors being kicked down. These are also particularly effective on garage and shed doors.

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