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Burglary Facts You Might Not Know


A burglary takes place around every 40 seconds in the UK, and with this statistic in mind it is scary just how many homeowners don’t pay enough attention to their home security measures and protecting their homes from potential burglars.

  • Most burglaries take place during the day – often when thinking about a burglary we tend to assume thieve wait for the cover of darkness at night-time. However, most burglaries actually take place during the hours of 10:00am and 3pm, this is the hours that most people are likely to be out at work, so burglars have less chance of being seen or disturbed.
  • Burglars aren’t looking for household objects – when someone breaks into your home it would be rare these days for them to take items such as TVs and stereos. Instead, burglars are looking for smaller but much more valuable items such as car keys, identity documents and bank cards that will allow them to make online transactions and take out credit. With this said it is still important to keep jewellery and other such items store away safely and out of sight.
  • Most burglars don’t carry tools – almost every burglar is an opportunist. They know exactly what to look for when targeting a property. As burglar wish to stay under the radar it isn’t common for them to carry around tools and equipment to use to break-in to a property. Instead, they will use things that they find around your property, it could be gardening tools, kids toys anything that they spot may be used to it is important that once you’ve finished in the garden all tools and equipment are stored safely away in a locked garage or shed.
  •  47% of burglaries are committed without any planning – When asked most convicted burglars said that they never planned a burglary, they were done with a quick decision when they noticed an opportunity. This is why visible home security measures such as high security locks and alarms work well at deterring burglars as they won’t see your property as an easy target and are more likely to walk past and chose a different one.
  • Someone is home when around 28% of burglaries are committed – just because someone is always home it doesn’t mean that your home is safe from intruders. In around 3 in 10 burglaries there has been someone home whilst the offence has been committed. It will help if you keep all doors and windows locked even when you’re at home as a burglar may just wait for the perfect opportunity and walk right in.

Here at Re-Entry-Locksmiths we pride ourselves on helping our customers feel safe and secure in their homes that is why we offer free home security assessments and advice, and we only install top quality high security locks.

If you need to make security improvements at your home or business, then contact Re-Entry-Locksmiths today – 01765 451 453

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